REHAB Lomtalanitised

The Exit or Activism? Symposium on Sustainability and Contemporary Art at Central European University on 29 February and related exhibition REHAB at Labor Gallery Budapest were very successful, and there’s been a lot of response, through emails, conversations, as well as on the web and even Hungarian television.

Here are some photos sent by Danish artists Leinchen & Jon Micke and an extract from their email:

‘We walked the context in a pre or extended exhibition space; a scattered and deconstructed REHAB prologue & epilogue, so to speak, from the VI-district to Labor: Was it by accident the opening of REHAB matched the Budapest’s Open Air & Night Show of Ready-Made & Trash in the Streets? Mass consumption really stands out in accumulated urban forms, when interior are dropped as exterior garbage and collides with the tableau of purchasable commodities (and trademarks.) on display, framed and behind glass in shopping streets, and each accumulation possess its own individual character from the voluptuous and demanding over the unorganized and chaotic to the solitude and deserted.’
Prologue 1Prologue 2
prologue 3
Prologue 4
Epilogue 1
Epilogue 2
Epilogue 3
epilogue 4
Epilogue 5
Epilogue 6

REHAB Lomtalanitased: 10 ready-made accumulations installed and prospectively framed in mixed light and on low tech cell phone by Jon Micke under a slight influence of vernissage wine