Did art help add the sheen to Dubai?

Gustav Metzger, Stockholm Project, Sharijah Biennial

RSA Art and Ecology’s William Shaw asks on his blog:

‘As the debt bubble bursts, does the art world share some of that blame for joining in the party?’
Did art help add the sheen to Dubai?

Perhaps this will start a trend towards participants in biennials thinking more about sustainability and the wider structures to which their event is systemically connected?


The Growing Stockpile of Contemporary Art

Here is a recent take on a problem that was first identified in the early 70s, the steady increase in the stockpile of art objects and what to do with them.

We are weighed down by works of art!

"Their present-day number, which is practically infinite, already greatly
exceeds our capacity for assimilation. Regardless, new ones are created
everyday. How can we avoid contributing to this proliferation, without
relinquishing the possibility of producing effects on the real? How can we
progress without increasing?" Jean-Baptiste Farkas

1 685 740 works of art are produced per day in the world.
19.51 works of art are produced per second in the world.

These statistics are available online at http://jbf.biennaledeparis.org

Statistics produced by Caroline Keppi.
E-mail : caroline.keppi[AT]biennaledeparis.org

Art and the Vision for the Future (Third Text 100)

The special 100th issue of Third Text subtitled ‘Art and Vision for the Future’ contains a number of contributions that deal with art and sustainability, not least of which is the article by the editor Rasheed Aareen, who writes:

‘Art must go beyond the making of mere objects meant for museums and/or to be sold as precious commodities in the art market. Only then can it enter the world of everyday life and the collective energy which is struggling not only to improve life itself but to save this planet from total destruction.’ (Rasheed Araeen)



Biennial Culture and Sustainability

Contemporary art historians and curators Maja and Reuben Fowkes (Translocal.org) present their on-going research into the Ecological Footprint of Contemporary Art. Concentrating on the ecological impact of major international art gatherings they will ask whether a biennial culture of globe trotting artists and curators can be justified.