Post-Fordism in the Puszta

Last weekend’s symposium on Sustainability and Contemporary Art, the 5th annual collaboration between Translocal and the Dept of Environmental Science and Policy and Centre for Arts and Culture at Central European University, was a fascinating meeting of minds.

The event consisted of a series of critical conversations on issues of Art, Post-Fordism and Eco-Critique at the university, between  environmental scientist Ruben Mnatsakanian and Croatian artist Branka Cvjeticanin, Polish playwright and member of Krytyka Polityczna Igor Stokfiszewski and Hungarina artist Csaba Nemes and Paris-based theorist Stephen Wright and Austrian artist Ralo Mayer with an introduction to Art, Ecology and post-Fordism given by Maja and Reuben Fowkes of Translocal, and additional moderation from environmental philosopher Alan Watt.

On day two, the critical conversationalists were joined by Hungarian artist Tamas Kaszas and CEU students Lauren Othon-Buckley and Marianna Szczygielska for a trip to a mystery destination in the Hungarian puszta for discussion in depth of the issues at the heart of the symposium. The workshop was a great success, the setting providing plenty of inspiration for considering the effects of post-Fordism on all our professions and potential resistance strategies in art and life, and was documented for the future.

Into the Puszta

Post-Fordist spectacle at the Vorosmarty Tanya

Sunset on the puszta

The workshop participants

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