What’s Left of Nature: Art and Wilderness in the Anthropocene

cecyliamalik,sixrivers_mdOpen call for participation in an Experimental Reading Room seminar to be held at Translocal Institute February-May 2015.

The seminar on What’s Left of Nature: Art and Wilderness in the Anthropocene at Translocal Institute is organised as part of the Experimental Reading Room, an ongoing series of public seminars and guest lectures on art and ecology. A number of places are available for the seminar group which will meet on alternative Mondays beginning on 9 February and those wishing to participate are invited to send a short motivation letter to the organisers.

At a time in which nature appears thoroughly exploited, subjugated and managed, reflecting an anthropocene era in which humans have usurped planetary processes and used technology to turn their dreams of mastery over nature into a nightmarish prospect, a counter urge to reconnect with what is left of wild nature is beginning to emerge. Challenging the supremacy of science over the study of nature, drawing on the insights of both the new transdisciplinary field of the posthumanities and the non-anthropocentric knowledge of indigenous peoples, and unlocking the radicalism of the ecological paradigm, contemporary art and theory are on the lookout for avenues to where wilderness remains.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Left of Nature: Art and Wilderness in the Anthropocene

  1. Great to hear about your work …Bravo If i was a little closer to Hungary i’d be with you (I’m in B.C. Canada). We also have to constantly struggle to protect the fabulous nature here. Thanks and best wishes roberta pyx sutherland

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